Electromotive Closure Article in Labour/Le Travail 81

I am pleased that an article that I co-authored with Stephanie Ross (McMaster University Labour Studies) is in the latest issue of Labour/Le Travail: 


Please see the Table of Contents for Volume 81 (Spring/Printemps 2018) of Labour/le Travail

La grève générale des charpentiers-menuisiers de Montréal, 1833-1834 :réévaluation d’un acte fondateur autour du concept de légitimité
Robert Tremblay

“Caterpillar Hates Unions More Than It Loves Profits”: The Electro-Motive Closure and the Dilemmas of Union Strategy
Stephanie Ross and Jason Russell

Becoming A Dependent Class: Quoddy Herring Fishermen in the 1920s
Brian Payne

Austérité, flexibilité et précarité au Québec : la fuite en avant
Marie-Pierre Boucher and Yanick Noiseux

From Balconville to Condoville, but Where Is Co-opville? Neighbourhood Activism in 1980s Pointe-Saint-Charles
Simon Vickers

Inside the Mobilities Regime of Newfoundland and Labrador’s Construction Megaprojects: Experiences of Rotational Work Close to Home
Lachlan Barber

After Industrial Citizenship: Adapting to Precarious Employment in the Lanarkshire Coalfield, Scotland, and Sudbury Hardrock Mining, Canada
Shelley Condratto and Ewan Gibbs

On the Centennial of the October (Bolshevik)
Revolution: A Canticle
George Elliott Clarke


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