Ontario Changing Workplaces Review

It will be interesting to see if the Ontario government acts substantively on the recommendations that were made by different groups during its Changing Workplace Review.  Ontario, like virtually every jurisdiction in North America, has experienced an enormous expansion of non-standard work.  The Standard Employment Relationship (SER) to which people aspired in the five decades following World War II is becoming rare.  This raises significant social, economic, and political questions.  Most fundamentally, how can people make even short-term plans when they are living from contract to contract?  Will banks be willing to provide mortgages to people who work two or more part-time jobs rather than one full-time job?  Can people, either single or couples, afford to have families?  The idea that the so-called Gig Economy can be liberating for people is a fallacy.  The Ontario Liberal government will engage in some careful political calculus before amending labour and employment law as an election will be held in 2018.  Here are some details on the Ontario Changing Workplace Review:


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